Curbed Miami Introduction

Rethink the way you see malls. Curbed Miami is the country’s largest mall and it’s coming to Miami! One-hundred and seventy-four acres near the Florida Turnpike is where this macro mall is planned to be built. To get an idea of how large this is, first realize that this massive mall will harbor over 2000 hotel rooms. That’s just a taste of what Curbed Miami has in store for locals and tourists alike!

  • Curbed Miami Attractions
  • Theatrical arts center
  • Miniature Golf
  • Skating ring
  • Water park
  • Multiple rollercoasters
  • Artificial Ski slopes
  • Submarine rides

Curbed Miami Experience!

This mall is more about the thrills than it is the shopping, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a bevy of shops for your enjoyment! There will still be roughly one and half million square feet of shops in this mega mall! Most importantly, the building of this mall won’t cost tax payers a cent according to American Dream (the company who makes these thrill mall complexes)! Once they get their permit, they will begin constructing the mall of your dreams!

Curbed Miami Information