Jungle Island is an intimate zoological park, which is the favorite landmark of south Florida. It is located between the south beach and downtime Miami. This eco-adventure park is home to the rarest and exotic animals of the world. Around 1,100 parrots, macaws, and other birds’ species join the giant most exotic primates and reptiles to impart a unique character to this Miami’s #1 family attraction. Jungle Island lets you discover your wild side and take you on the epic journey through animal discovery, nature, and a lot of new adventurous experiences.

Jungle Island’s dynamic animal shows

Jungle Island not only gives you a chance to step into a lush and tropical jungle and mingle with winged and other rare creatures but also lets you enjoy the dynamic animal shows.

Winged Wonders

Winged wonders feature the fascinating birds, including talking parrots and great condors. Don’t forget to see the Mama Cass, the six-foot-tall Cassowary in Jungle Island.

Events & Exhibits:

Flamingo Feeding

Flamingo Lake is surrounded by beautifully-colored bougainvillea and 75 coral-hues Flamingos. At the Lakeside Cafe terrace, you can view the Flamingo feeding.

Lorikeet Aviary

You can visit the beautiful rainbow-colored parrots, including Rosenberg Lorikeets, Black-winged, and Ornate, etc. in their open-air aviary.

Tortoise Exhibit

You will be surprised at the size of these giant tortoises as you wander through the park. Some male tortoises can live for 150 years and grow to 500 pounds.

General visitor information

You can visit this tropical jungle island between 10:00 – 5:00 Pm every day.


1111 Jungle Island Trail, Miami, FL 33132

Contact Information:
+1 305-400-7000

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