Vizcaya Introduction

Vizcaya is a tourist hot spot located in Biscayne Bay! It is historically known as the residence of Jemes Deering, the anemic millionaire who used it as an estate after its construction in 1914. The gorgeous building is placed at the center of a lush subtropical forest and this forest and the house along with it are now open to the public to explore and enjoy!

Vizcaya Home

The home was created to be a modern 1800’s Northern Italian villa and was later blended with traditional Mediterranean architecture. The beautiful estate is complemented by Florida’s subtropical climate. The building offers a breathtaking view of the sea. The building is full of Italian artifacts, making it into a museum of art and history. Despite the historic design, the building was made with the latest modern materials and was an environmentally sustainable marvel during its time.
Personal and audio tours are available to visitors who want the full experience!

Viscaya Garden

The only thing more marvelous than the display of architectural human ingenuity is the living artistry that surrounds it!
The European gardens are likened to those made in Italy and France during the 17 and 1800s. Enjoy the tranquility of the Secret Garden. Watch a performance at the Theater Garden, or have a playful experience in the geometric Maze Garden! Be sure to visit the breathtaking Fountain Garden too!
For those looking for a more natural experience, you’ll be delighted to hear that the native forest was preserved by James Deering himself. Marvel at the splendor of subtropical plants and the serene orchids. The entire garden branches out onto the manmade structures to make a truly special visual delight!

Viscaya Information

Viscaya is an ever adapting cultural experience offering new events every month! For more information check out the website link below!
Contact Information: 305-250-9133